Tips for using the new content portal

Logging in

To login, click on the person icon at the top of the page:

You will be taken to the login page where you can enter your institution credentials as per the old portals

After logging in, you will be returned to the homepage, and the person icon will have changed to the profile icon:

Personal Sign-in

After logging in with you institution credentials you will now have the ability to create a personal profile on the portal, either by clicking on the 'Register/Sign-in as a personal user' link in the profile dropdown, or from the 'Personal Sign-in' option in the menu.

Registering as a personal user allows you to save searches, create search alerts and set up a favourites list (site content searches only, does not apply to Summon searches).

When you are also signed in as a personal user, the profile icon dropdown will display your credentials and a link to 'My Profile' where you can access your personal profile.

Browsing Site Content

From the 'Content' menu option, you can browse by Journals, Books, Reference Sources, Databases and Free Collections (or by Collection from the 'Collections' menu option).  When browsing using these options, there are various filters that you can use to refine your results, these are at the side of the page when using a desktop/laptop computer, or can be accessed via the blue 'Filter' button when using a mobile device.

From the 'Content' menu option, you can also choose to browse by Publishers, where you can filter alphabetically, or by Subjects, where you can page through the results.

The 'Recent Resources' menu option takes you to a page that displays content added in the last 30 days.

Searching With Summon

The new portals have Summon search functionality as per the old portals.  Summon searches can be submitted from the homepage via the large search box within the image or by using the 'ADVANCED SEARCH' link under the search box.

From any other page in the portal, Summon searches can be accessed by clicking on the search iconat the top of the page.

When logged in, the keyword search results display what is available at your institution, with links to the full-text documents.

Searching Site Content

The new portals have the functionality to perform an advanced search on site content using specific criteria.  This can be done via the 'Search Content' menu option.

Search results can be refined by filters similar to when browsing, and can be sorted chronologically or by relevance using the 'Sort By' drop down.

If you are signed in as a personal user, you can use the 'Next Action' dropdown on search results to save and manage searches.  
You can also use the '+More' link item to add the content item to your favourites or email the link for the specific search.

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